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Marketing plan critique | Marketing 360 | Washington State University

Assignment 4b. Find a Marketing Plan for any company, preferably, for one that operates in more than one country. Write a one-page critique of this marketing plan, evaluating the quality, thoroughness, actionable steps, etc. Be “critical” in your assessment and be sure to give some recommendations. This paper is to be no more than 1 page, […]

Ftaa case study | Criminal homework help

part 1 Analysis of the FTAA Case Study and FTAA After Action Reports Put yourself in the place of Major Warren as he reviews the relevant after action reports associated with the FTAA Conference in Miami, Florida in 2003. Analyze the FTAA case study provided to you in this Module as well as the City […]

American foreign policy during the cold war

 Pick three (3) of the following American Foreign policies:    Marshall Plan Berlin Airlift Containment Anti-Communist Freedom Fighters Vietnam (conflict) War Détente’ SALT I & SALT II Camp David Accords Strategic Defense Initiative (nicknamed “Star Wars”)   Explain how each of your choices was an effective policy to thwart international communist expansion. Based on your […]

Ethical practice in adult education and training

Write a 975- to 1,050-word paper detailing ethical issues and practices for each of the following topics in adult education and training: Current trends in ethical issues facing trainers Ethical considerations for copyright, licensing, and plagiarism of training materials Ethical impact and risks of technology and social media Ethical handling of discrimination and harassment in the […]

Influencing social change | Nursing homework help

 I need a response to this assignment 1 page zero plagiarism Influencing Social Change Advocacy is one of the core aspects of nursing professions and is considered an ethic of nursing practice. Advocacy is an essential practice that is important in influencing social change and promoting better nursing practices. This discussion explores how I can […]

Paper, presentation and discussion | Management homework help

Paper Select an NFP organization or government agency that deals with a relatively narrow and specific set of health care issues, whether through service delivery, consumer advocacy, education/promotion, financing, or regulation. Look for an entity for which there is abundant information about the nature of its operations.  Define a set of strategic performance measures for […]

Discussion 3 | Management homework help

  This week’s discussion will focus on cultural decision-making using the case study about Danone in China (PFA). This case focuses on the cultural differences and management styles of the French company Danone Group in its joint venture with its Chinese company partner, Wahaha Group.  In this situation, Wahaha established other companies outside the joint […]

Quantitative demand analysis | Economics homework help

   1. (5 points) Suppose demand is given by Q xd = 50 − 4Px + 6Py + Ax,  where Px = $4, Py = $2, and Ax = $50.  (a) What is the quantity demanded of good x? Please show your calculations.(b) What is the own price elasticity of demand (point elasticity) when PX […]

Feminist studies | Literature homework help

In one 500-word post, please respond to both of the following questions:  1. How do this week’s readings prompt us to expand how we discuss and imagine pleasure?  2. What relationship does pleasure — from participating in sexual acts, viewing pornography or other sexualized media, etc. — have with issues of labor, racialization, and/or gender?  […]