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Prompt: In your PowerPoint slides, use the PowerPoint narration tool to verbally record your answer to the following questions:

  •   What are the challenges Hollywood faced in your chosen segment? What are the benefits of their solutions?
  •   How does critically analyzing Hollywood and popular culture add value to interactions with people in personal and professional contexts and/or in
    understanding society and culture as a whole?
    Throughout your short PowerPoint presentation, make sure you use effective multimedia and communication skills:
  •   Construct your presentation in a way that ensures the audio and visual elements are logically organized in order to convey your message to your audience.
  •   Provide supporting evidence in your presentation that supports the importance of an issue or event in the film and its impact within popular culture.
  •   Develop the audio narration to logically flow with the presentation to articulate the importance of critically analyzing an issue or event in the film and its
    impact within popular culture.
    Note: When you are recording the oral component of your presentation, a headset or external microphone is recommended for better results. However, you can also use the microphone incorporated into your computer or cell phone. Use the Check File Compatibility With Earlier Versions and Are You Having Video or Audio Playback Issues? resources from Microsoft to help you check compatibility between versions of Office.
    Guidelines for Submission: Your presentation should be 2 to 4 slides and should be between 2 to 4 minutes in length. You are required to include a combination of text, visuals, and audio narration in order to support your work. Speaker notes are not required. Be sure to cite your sources, including the film you discuss, on a separate slide in APA format. If you require alternative accommodations for completing this assignment, reach out to your instructor directly for more information.

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