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Wanda wants all of her employees to be motivated to do a good job and continue the success of Salty Pawz, but there is only so much money she can shell out and still keep the business profitable. She begins to wonder if there aren’t ways she can motivate her employees without writing yet another check.

Recently Wanda was asked to donate dog treats to the local Humane Society for a free rabies vaccination clinic being held at the local high school. She donated one hundred bags of Chicken Cuties and even stopped by the event to see how it was going. When she arrived, she was surprised to see her friend Jamie there, happily greeting and signing in owners and their dogs. On the way home, Wanda began to think that perhaps there are ways that she can motivate her employees without paying them, but she doesn’t know much about motivation theory. She turns to you once again for information and guidance.

Your Task

  1. Select one of the motivation theories you studied in this module that you believe can be used effectively with the employees at Salty Pawz. Briefly explain the theory to Wanda and how it applies to her staff.
  2. Using that theory, provide Wanda with 2–3 specific ways she can motivate her employees without money.
  3. Your suggestions should be specific and detailed enough that Wanda could implement them immediately.
  4. Support your work by citing your resources in APA or MLA format. 

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