Cjl1100 – crimes against public order and public decency

Crimes Against Public Order and Public Decency

THE QUESTION(s): In your opinion, should obscenity, lewdness, and indecency statutes be abolished? Give reasons for your answer? 

(Make sure that your post includes your reasoning for your decision. Explain which facts helped you to reach your conclusion and how they influenced your opinion and/or conclusion.  

  • Respond to one of your classmates’ posts. Do you agree with their opinion?  Why or why not?

DQ will be graded as follows:

  1. Complete post which provides an answer to the question(s) or prompt(s) using standard English vocabulary and grammar: 80% (300 word minimum).
  2. Complete response using proper format, standard English vocabulary and grammar: 20% (150 word minimum).

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