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 in her book, Tangled up in Blue, Rosa Brooks discusses many encounters she has while working as an auxiliary police officer in D.C. These encounters are at times tragic, funny, frustrating or alarming. Pick any one or two of these encounters, and connect it to the other readings/lecture/podcasts which examine the larger crisis we are currently living through in policing in the United States.  Explain how her (micro) interaction(s) relate(s) to some of the macro level issues facing the profession which the experts you’ve listened to describe. For example, how does your chosen example relate/compare to the narratives which Chief Scott Thompson (Camden, NJ) or Commissioner Bratton (New York, Boston, and LA) present, or from those accounted in the Ferguson Report (Department of Justice)? Finally, if you could change one policy/program to improve outcomes for this particular situation, what would it be?  Remember to cite at least four of the readings for this class (to date) as you answer this question. (3-4 pages) 

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