Design & flow chart | Information Systems homework help

 A medium-size internet retailer identifies their online order processing business process as follows:

1. Receive a new order through a website.

2. Verify that the product(s) is available in the warehouse.

3. If not, contact the supplier to restock the warehouse.

4. Process the payment.

5. Ship the product(s).


Design objects with their properties and their types to describe the data needed to support this business process. List all operations (methods) needed by each object to do so with its own data. Provide comments on the role of each property or method.

Design a flow chart of the algorithm that would describe the given business process and use the data structures that you have designed. Submit a Word document with the required information.


Student object:


    Name (string) to store student’s name

    Enrolled classes (list of class objects) to store all classes a student is enrolled in.


   Enroll in a class: receive a link to a class object and add it to the list of enrolled classes.

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