How climate change affects business


The purpose of this climate change challenge is for you to obtain, firsthand, a closer look and understanding of the implications for business, society, and the world at large, in recognizing this reality especially in the context of sustainability and full consideration of the triple bottom line ESG framework – environment, social and governance. This midterm assessment will succor to formulate and to critically analyze the interdependency of the causes, current impacts, and likely future consequences of climate change – if the world continues to ignore its state of severity. The objective is to articulate and debate about what should be done in the midst of this global environmental crisis; and to explore the implications for the firm/organization and sector in the industry you choose.

Therefore, for a start you would need to:

choose a private company or non-profit organization whose operating model is likely to be significantly affected by climate change’s physical manifestations and/or related regulations, including threats and opportunities associated with mitigation and/or adaptation.

Describe how the organization is likely to be affected, the steps the organization is taking (if any) to address those effects, then describe and justify what additional steps you think the organization should consider implementing.

Finally, make recommendations on how they should implement the changes needed.

For an initial analysis of the phenomenon, read the attached article of Henderson et. al. (2017) about the Climate Change in 2020: Implications for Business, and also visit the additional reading materials from previous modules as produced by the international organizations (e.g. UN system), private sector, think tanks, etc. so that you can formulate what these organizations are (or aren’t) doing to address climate change. You will deliver a 5 pages document (including cover and abstract on same page, and last page as references for a total of 7 full pages).

Also, visit the link below to obtain more ideas to jump start your midterm exam

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