Hrm410 draft courseproject | Human Resource Management homework help

To create an original Strategic Staffing Handbook that contains many of the vital tools used in the staffing process. Work must be original and written by the student. Minimal borrowed material is permitted (no more than 10% of the completed handbook, so plan accordingly for any borrowed material in the draft!) and all information used that is not your own thought or own words must be cited via APA for ALL sources used (textbook, Internet, etc.). The majority of the Handbook must be original—meaning written by the student. (Note: this is NOT an employee or HR manual; it is a STAFFING handbook that could be used by managers as a resource for the staffing process.)

Some of the areas I need help with are:

1. Company’s Approach to the Job Analysis Process
2. Example of Job Analysis Form
3. Job Postings
4. Company’s Approach to Posting Positions
5. Brief Sample of a Job Posting
6. Application Process
7. Company’s Application Form
8. How the Application Form is Utilized (the Process) and Rationale
9. Interview Process
10. Company’s Interview Philosophy
11. Examples of Legally Acceptable Interview Questions
12. Pre-Employment Assessments
13. Company’s Philosophy to Pre-Employment Testing and Assessment

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