Innovative change proposal (work posted for mathguy18)

Unit VIII Final Project Innovative Change Proposal

Step 1: Choose a topic.

· Your task is to create a proposal suggesting a positive change you want to make in an organization in which you operate (military, business, civic, church, family unit, club, etc.). This change can include a structural, technological, or behavioral change. Be creative!

Step 2: Choose a source.

 · Choose an article from the CSU Online Library, the Internet, course textbook, or other credible source that can be used to support your ideas.

· Use citations to identify paraphrased or quoted information from your source, and list the source in the reference section in APA style.

· The following are some examples:

o If you are proposing the purchase of a new item or product, then identify the cost of this item in the cost analysis section, include a parenthetical citation, and list the source in the reference section.

o If you want to implement a team building initiative within your organization, then research articles related to team building, and include information from your source to support your ideas in the benefits section.

Step 3: Organize the proposal.

· Use memo style format with to, from, date, and subject at the top of your proposal.

· Include the following headings for each section: o Problem: Introduce your topic in a way that grabs the attention of the reader, and explain in detail the issue or problem you want to change within an organization.

o Solution/Benefits: This section will include your recommendation to bring about a needed change.

 § Describe the benefits of the change to the organization.

§ Identify key stakeholders that will be affected by this change.

§ Discuss how your solution upholds ethical standards, or explain if there any possible ethical dilemmas that could surface.

o Cost Analysis: Provide concrete numbers and explanations of costs associated with your solution. This could be a strategic place to include content from a source to identify costs if purchasing a product. You can also estimate time or resources needed for this change. The purpose of this section is to demonstrate you have researched and considered the costs of implementing your proposal.

 o Implementation steps: Provide clear and specific steps to execute your solution.

§ Include a timeframe needed to enact this change if the proposal is approved.

§ Explain potential areas of resistance or barriers that will need to be overcome to implement this change.

§ Describe how you will use technology to communicate this initiative to key stakeholders.

o Conclusion: Summarize your ideas and leave the reader with a strong closing statement. o Reference(s): Use information from a source to support your ideas.

§ List a minimum one (1) credible source in your reference section in APA style.

§ Include APA style citations within your proposal to identify paraphrased or quoted content from your source used to support your ideas.

Your complete project should be a minimum of two pages, not included a reference page. Title page may not be necessary for such a proposal since using memo style format

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