Mgt 230 | Management homework help

Read and complete the Case Study Analysis. (Due7/11/22)

The questions to be answered for this assignment are below. Make sure to directly respond to what the questions are asking as concisely as possible.
1.Explain how Bezos’s “Amazon may break even or even lose money on the sale of its devices” strategy shows Bezos as a systematic and intuitive thinker.
2.Determine, based on the strengths of the company, what decisions should be made to ensure that Amazon jumps ahead and becomes the “No. 1” source for digital content streams.
3.Compare the latest initiatives coming out of Amazon with those of the actual or potential competition. (A hint here – Amazon Prime is not a new initiative.)
4.Conclude whether or not Bezos is making the right decisions as he guides the firm through today’s many business and management challenges.  Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO on Monday, July 5, 2021 and is now the Executive Chairman. He picked July 5 because that is the anniversary date of Amazon’s incorporation in 1994.) Answer the question based on the decisions he has made to that point.

A reminder that the submissions must be your original work and cannot be copied from internet sites where the answer may be shown and you cannot have someone else do your work. Although references are not required, if any credible sources are used, they must be properly cited with in text citations and corresponding end of text reference entries.

Submit your assignment. Ensure that your submission can be edited or downloaded.


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