Midterm essay week 5 – managing organizational change

Course title: MANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE (not Operations Management).

Essay Week 5


Identify and describe the Eight Dimensions of Organizational Capacity for Change (OCC). For each Dimension, discuss its significance to the organization and whether or not you believe it is essential to OCC. Support your positions with examples.


The Eight Dimensions of Organizational Capacity for Change (OCC) are:

1. Trustworthy Leadership

2. Trusting Followers

3. Capable Champions

4. Involved Midmanagement

5. Systems Thinking

6. Communication Systems

7. Accountable Culture

8. Innovative Culture



Using the text book as a primary source, please compose a 3-5 page response to the statement above.  

Follow the rubric requirements (attached).

Sources must be cited with APA format.

Plagiarism is unacceptable.

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