Museum | World history homework help

Scholars in many disciplines (anthropology, history, sociology, education, cultural studies, to name a few) study the history, meaning, and operation of museums.  Your readings in the class represent a tiny sampling of this wide range of work.   Based on what you have read, what kinds of things do scholars debate about museums?  Why is there differing opinions about the role of museums in society?  What arguments have been made about museums and the public?  Which argument do you agree with, any why?   How do you understand the role of a museum has changed with time?  What do you see as the purpose of a museum in today’s world?

I have the sources

each question must be answered from the sources with citations

so must include 3 debates

Benjamin Ives Gilman, “Museum Fatigue” in The Scientific Monthly Vol. 2, No.1 Jan 1916 

Steven Conn, “Naked Eye Science”

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