Number-to-text translator | Computer Science homework help


Number-to-text translator You are asked to implement an automated number-to-text translation
system for a phone company. Write a C program that receives as an input an integer number and converts each  digit to the appropriate text word. The integer number can be of variable length, but no larger than 10 digits.
Assume that no phone number starts with a zero.
Sample program execution:
Please enter your phone number: XXXXXXXXXX
two three four ve seven six nine eight ve four
Test cases: XXXXXXXXXX 10004, 20030040
Hint: Use the loop structure of problem 2 to count the number of digits in the number given by the user. Isolate
each digit from left to right (think of dividing the given number by a power of 10). Use a switch statement or an
if-else-if statement to convert a digit to a word.

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