Peer review | English homework help


Read the attached document and awnser the following questions:

When reviewing content during your peer review, you should answer the following: 

1. What background did the writer include to ensure the reader  understood the topic?  Were any unusual terms explained?  (avoid  explaining common terms).   

2. What is the thesis?  Is it one sentence? Is it clear? Did the  thesis include the topic, the point being made about the topic, as well  as the points of the argument?  (Copy and paste the thesis). 

3. Did the body paragraphs begin with a topic sentence that followed the thesis?  (Copy and paste each topic sentence).   

4. How were the body paragraphs supported and developed?   Explain  how the paragraphs were developed.  Does the writer need more examples,  explanations, analysis, expert support (remember, unsubstantiated  opinions lose a considerable amount of points)?  If yes, what specific  suggestions do you have?

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