Penn written communication lesson 4 700152rr/penn written



Question 1 

1. If your goal is to obtain information about laws governing special education policies in elementary schools, which of these searches would return the best results? 

A. Education elementary schools

B. Special education laws elementary schools

C. Governing education policies

D. Special education laws

Question 2 

2. Before beginning an Internet search to find supporting information for your topic, you must know 

A. what’s been written about your topic in the past five years.

B. what other authors have written about your subject.

C. where the information you seek can be found.

D. what type of information you’re looking for.

Question 3 

3. When conducting research online, the key word or key phrase you type into a search engine should be 

A. as clearly defined as possible so in order to narrow your search.

B. as general as possible to include all possible results.

C. flexible and applicable to a variety of topics.

D. unchanging from search to search so that you get consistent results.

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