Please finish gender / career related

Hello. I have completed half of the assignment. I am looking for someone to finish the rest as I need references and more gender lingo in the text. Please see attached work and add on to it. Also… this assignment is calling for 4 references. Thanks. Due tomorrow. 


Instructions below: 


Look over your own history as shown on the Unit 6 Assignment timeline. Were there any moments when your gender was a help or hindrance in a particular job or educational experience? Is there anything about being “male” or being “female” that you can see encouraged the choices you made? If you were a different gender would you have made different choices?


Looking back at the course material, what one concept that you learned in this class helps you to understand yourself and your educational and occupational history? Please describe the concept and show how it applies to your history. How could you see gender making a difference in your education or career going forward?


The total length of your paper should be 5 pages, formatted in APA style. The first page is a title page. The fifth page is a reference page. Pages 2 through 4 are text. You should have a total of four references, at least one of which should be outside of the course materials. Please use only academic resources. Also, remember to use Times New Roman 12 font, set margins to one inch, and double space your paper.

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