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Please read through Chapter 9 very carefully. You will be instantiating client-side objects and arrays for this week’s homework assignment

You are to create an Amazon-like Web Page that is selling whatever items you want, that are from various suppliers. Consider a standard layout like the following:

Likely, you will need to list each of the items in your store within a form. You must have a minimum of FOUR items in your store. Just like above, you should have an image, the NAME of the product, and the PRICE of the product, for each item being sold.

Also, you need to have under EACH of the items a button that says “Quick Look”. When the “Quick Look” button is selected, a new window (sized accordingly) should appear with the FOLLOWING information: 

· Image

· Product name

· Product Description

· Price 

· Size

Part 2:

You will also need to have another button under each item that says “Check Availability”. When this button is selected a new window will appear that states the:

· Product Name

· How many are IN STOCK

· Vendor Company Name

· Vendor Shipping Address

The second portion of the assignment will require you to have a separate array, from the product information above (refer to hint below).

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