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RCRJ 655: Crime, Justice, and Policy Dr. Pridemore

Policy Summaries

Due Dates: Crime Policy Summary – March 9, 11:30am, via email attachment.

Justice Policy Summary – April 20, 11:30am, via email attachment.

Your overall grade for each policy summary will be reduced by one letter grade

for each day it is late, beginning one minute after the due date and time.

Grade: Each policy summary is worth 20% of your overall course grade.

Length: Each summary must be no more than four pages, double-spaced, 1” margins all around, in Calibri 11 font. You must provide a reference list of works cited (which does not count toward the page limit).

Topic: For the first summary select a specific topic from one of the general topics of delinquency prevention and violence prevention, situational crime prevention, alcohol and drug policy, and firearm policy. For the second summary select a specific topic from one of the general topics of policing, courts, and punishment.

Please discuss your topics with me if you have any questions about their suitability for these assignments.

Content: Provide a precise self-contained summary of the topic by considering the social and political context in which the policy arose, its theoretical justification, its specific aims, if it had its intended effects, if it had any unintended consequences, and the current state of the policy on the topic and if scholars and policymakers are considering alternative policy responses or interventions. Make a recommendation whether it should be implemented. We will discuss these summaries in more detail in class.

Sources: First, use the articles in our class reading list as a starting point, since they can provide you with an introduction and with citations to other work on the topic. Second, use the electronic search tools provided by the library to locate more specific articles (and sometimes books) on your topic. Finally, feel free to ask me about any questions you may have, and I will do my best to help.

Other Sources: I encourage you to employ the services of the Writing Center and your instructor for direction and clarification. You are free to discuss with and ask questions of your fellow students, though your written work must be your own

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