Reflection paper | Criminal homework help

Your assignment for this week consist on preparing a reflection paper cemented on at least 1,000 words of scholarly supported discussion addressing the learning task contextualized below.

According to Banks and Baker (2016) human trafficking is an ancient practice. As such, alien smuggling is one of the practices human trafficker continue to use to fuel their transnational criminal enterprise. After the 9/11 attacks, undetected infiltration of terrorism via illegal border crossing has a been a major concern among U.S. policy makers and intelligence and law enforcement officials. With the previous factors in mind and what you read this week, explain:

How could jihadists and other agents of “new terrorism” may take advantage of ongoing border crossing issues to affect security interests in our homeland.

Please note that if you do not support your work with scholarly sources or use Wikipedia as a resource your paper will be automatically rejected. The same goes if your papers do not meet the minimum word limit of discussion (at least 1,000 words).

Lastly, your papers need to be formatted according to APA rules and show listed references in alphabetical order.

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