Se493 week 7 di | Computer Science homework help

Discussion 7: ( Required Posting)

100 Points

Due: Please post your initial discussion No later than Thursday or Friday of this week. (80 Points)

Due :Peer/Classmate review/comment: Provide comments to other class members No later than Friday or Saturday of this week. Please mention the classmate/s name.(20 points)

Please take a few minutes and check the discussion board on Sunday and make sure to reply to peer comments OR my comments/query.

Please read IGU Grading Rubric  and late participation grading policy for discussion posted under policy section course modules.

Discussion Topic

Safety cases would normally be required for any system that needs to be certified by a regulator before it is used, for example Air traffic control software.  (Read Chapter 12 )

Discuss one type of systems that may require software safety cases, and explain why safety cases are required for your proposed system ?

IGU Requirement: students are required to provide at least one supporting reference.

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