Short answer questions on human resource management

1. What is realm and responsibilities for Personell Selection?
2. What is the most important criterion for a selection method?
3. What values do personality tests offer in the selection process?
4. What are the five personality factors and explain each.
5. How doe background checks reduce negligent hiring practices?
6. Why is job relatedness important in reducing hiring bias?
7. General Mental abilty tests are considerd mostly cognitive, why?
8. Explain Work Sample and Role Play Tests?
9. Is there any danger when the interviewer see a candidate as Similar to Me effect?
10. How do background checks afford a company an affimative defense in a negligible hiring charge?
11. How does structured, panel and situational inprove reliability and validity in the inteview process?
12.List and define the interview procesess as noted in the textbook.
13. Explain the concept and purpose of the Weighted Application Blank.
14. Cognitive Ability Tests normally provide high validity but at the same time can create adverse impacts, explain?

Short Essays:
1. Explain a corporation need to develop affirmative defenses, and how would they create this to defend the organization from harassment, negligent hiring practices etc.
2. Why is succession planning important?
3. Explain High Performace Work Practices
4. Explain Job Relatedness and its importance in selection and hiring practices. 

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