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If you are recording your speech, please note that there are additional audience requirements for this speech that are
detailed on page 6 of this document. Through limited research, you will develop your position supporting or opposing a
particular topic.  This speech is persuasive in design; and, although there may be some informative matter discussed, your
job is to defend your position! This speech is designed to help you transition from informing the audience to persuading
them toward a particular position, using external sources to help build credibility. From the listing provided below, you
will choose a topic to support or defend, and develop a 5-minute speech (4 to 6 minutes is acceptable). You will submit
a preparation outline via Canvas prior to delivering this speech.  This is not a manuscript speech; it is intended to be
extemporaneous in nature. You must integrate at least 2 cited/qualified sources into the presentation and include an
introduction, one complete developed argument with complete citations, and conclusion. After the speeches are turned in,
you will be assigned two classmates’ speeches to evaluate.  

o Books are better than movies.
o Money can’t buy happiness.
o Dogs are better pets than cats.
o It is better to be kind than to be smart.
o It is better to be feared than to be loved.
o The fast food industry is to blame for obesity.
o All students should be required to learn an instrument in school.
o The federal minimum wage should be increased.
o High school students should be required to volunteer a certain number of hours before they can
o Beauty pageants for children should be banned.
o Voting in the United States should be compulsory.  
o Plastic bags should be banned in grocery stores.
o College athletes should be paid for being on a sports team.

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