The media and the enviroment

In several classes, students have made mention of how the media played a part in the environmental movement.  The Cuyahoga River situation is the most obvious example here. 

Hypothetical – you are a public figure or public official.  You have taken a stand in your official capacity on an environmental issue.  The media does not agree with your stand and has published information that places you in a bad light and contains many inaccurate facts about you and the environmental issue. What are your legal options for seeking justice?

Clues and considerations for definition and explanation:

  1. Tort law – defamation (slander and libel)
  2. Actual malice
  3. Burden of proof

What prior court cases might apply?  When you have exhausted your legal options, what are the chances you will prevail in court?  Why? Please explain the above hypothetical legal situation in sufficient detail to promote understanding and discussion, and give any real life environmental issues or cases where a similar set of facts happened

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