The store name address | Computer Science homework help


/*The store name, address, city, state, zip, and quantity of books sold in that store for each store. 

Place the list in descending order by the quantity of books sold.*/

/*The title ID, title, publisher id, publisher name, and terms for all books that have never been sold. This means that there are no 

records in the Sales Table. Use OUTER JOIN or NOT IN against SALES table. In this case, the terms are referring to the items on the 

titles table involving money. ( Price, advance, royalty )*/

/*The title ID, title, and year-to-date sales for all books sold by stores inside of California or Oregon.*/

/*Year-to-date means from the beginning of the current year until the present date. As the database

has no sales in 2014, this query has no results. If the query had asked for yearly sales, there would be results. Or if it was year to given date, and

a date in 1993 is supplied */

/*The title ID, title, and number of authors for all books that have more than one author.*/

/*The type of book and the number of books of that type for each book type for all types that have at least two books. 

Query should have GROUP BY and HAVING clauses.*/

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