What marketing goals are sought from advertising campaigns

These goals are correlated with the product life cycle: Early in a brand’s life, the job of an ad campaign is to get the word out and to inform the consumer of this new or improved market offering: “Here is the brand,

here are its features, here are its points of differentiation from the competition.”

⚫ When the brand is growing, awareness is already strong, and ad campaigns are devel- oped to enhance the positivity of the target segment’s attitudes about the brand.

⚫ At brand maturity, awareness has pretty well permeated the market, and customers have pretty set attitudes. Some people don’t care for the brand, but hopefully many people in the target segment do. At this point, ads are intended to be reminders, “Hey, we’re still here” or “We’re offering a twofer.” Advertising hasn’t dropped off yet, but sales are strong; so a smaller ad budget (as measured by percentage of sales) is required to maintain a steady presence (sales, market share, etc.).


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